Columbia River Fishing

Columbia River Salmon Fishing

Summer Chinook fishing is definitely my favorite for several reasons.  First these Summer Chinook Salmon are the biggest, brightest, hardest fighting Salmon we catch all year!  Second, they are excellent table fare just like Spring Chinook “Springers”.   These Chinook average 20-30 lbs with some close to 40 lbs.  These fish enter the Columbia River at Astoria and have a couple hundred mile journey to their spawning grounds.

We fish them the first couple weeks they are in the river and have the most energy and brightness.  These fish are extremely powerful and will give you the fight of your life!  The weather this time of year is great normally tee shirts & sunglasses and is very comfortable.  While the weather is good the time frame to catch these monster Chinook Salmon is short unlike other Chinook runs.  Normally we catch these in about a 3 week time frame.  We also have the opportunity to catch Summer Steelhead and Sockeye during this time frame.

This fishery is a great experience that you will not forget!

Columbia River Summer Steelhead

Summer Steelhead and great weather go together on the Columbia River.  Again, this is usually a shorts and sunglasses time of year.  We use light rods and tackle for these acrobatic, chrome and fun to fight summer run Steelhead.  They are fast moving high jumpers that will give you a run for your money.

The Summer Steelhead in the Columbia River tend to run between 6-12 lbs.  On good days hooking 10-20 fish is not unheard of.  They are also excellent eating.  This fishery is a great experience that you will not forget!

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